About Globalite


Founded in 2006 by 4 classmates in National Taiwan University back in 1980. The venture started with the training services to the public and then initiated the business of recruiting services for high caliber talent. Today we have had a strong client base and diciplines.

The basic belief in Globalite Executive Search is to provide values to the market with our best knowledge and practices. The works we do everyday is really an endeavour in pursuit of a triple-win. Through our services as a third party, candidates have good career movements where the employers found right people for business growth. We manage to balance the needs of employers and job seekers. It is well understood that only the right person would survive in a new position and we would survive only if we do the right things.

Placement is an art. People should be placed in right places at the right time. That shall be based on good understanding of the job requirements, much beyond simply a job description, and the motivation of a candidate, tangible and intangible. Sometimes we discourage a candidate to make a move after the face to face interview. Sometimes we insist the employer to give a candidate a second chance. They are all based on the basic belief to deliver values and for the best to all parties.